Once a student has an approved TAG, applied for Transfer admission, and has been offered admission, they will be notified via the My Admissions portal of their eligibility and opportunity/benefits to continue in the AvenueE program at UC Davis. Students will need to accept their continuation in AvenueE at UC Davis and maintain eligibility criteria to receive benefits.

Once you submit a Statement of Intent to Register and accept your continuation in AvenueE, you become a UC Davis Transfer student and AvenueE Scholar at UC Davis.

UC Davis Transfer students will:

  • Have completed the intensive Transfer Bridge Program
  • Be eligible for internship opportunities
  • Have access to tutoring
  • Attend weekly cohort connection meetings
  • Be eligible for research experiences and capstone projects
  • Engage with existing campus resources
  • Serve as mentors to younger cohorts

UC Davis AvenueE students are eligible for financial awards per academic year.